Chris R Wright

Chris R Wright as Troy Westwood

Chris R Wright as Troy Westwood.


Chris R. Wright is an experienced actor who has played in leading roles alongside the likes of Eddie Marsan and Ewen Bremner, in the Film Four comedy Faintheart, and notably producing/starring in the comedy horror feature, Small Town Folk with Warwick Davis.

A distinctive character actor and a graduate of comedy improv, Chris has been the face of ongoing campaigns for WKD, O2, 20th Century Fox and MGM, and recently finished work on a feature, two shorts and a comedy web series.

Chris R. Wright has worked extensively in corporate advertising, in house training videos and viral productions. Both as a presenter and actor, Chris has featured in films for Aviva Santander, O2, Bristol-Myers Squibb, RNLI, Lexis, TJX Europe, CQC, Trader Media Group, Warner Home Video and Eidos Games, as well as being the face of ongoing campaigns for WKD, 20th Century Fox & MGM.

An experienced actor, Chris has appeared in innumerable short films, online webisodes and features, including the Film Four comedy Faintheart, with Eddie Marsan, and the comedy horror Small Town Folk, with Warwick Davis.

Date of Birth:
May 16 1981 in Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK

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